March 31, 2014


INTERLINK provides its students and staff with opportunities for both academic and professional growth.
Hear directly from the INTERLINK community about their experiences in and beyond the INTERLINK classroom…

Nicole Schindler, German Student

“The classes not only help you become a competent speaker and a powerful writer, they also allow you to develop a deep level of control over your language skills.”

Asaad Al Asaad, Senior Instructor

“The Saudi INTERLINK program has the unique feature of igniting creativity and potential in those students who are eager to achieve and succeed.”

Mei-Lan Chen, Taiwanese Student

“INTERLINK provides useful and excellent methods to help students sharpen their English skills…and has excellent teachers who serve as students’ instructors, mentors, and friends.”

Tanya Wright, US Instructor

“Thanks to my colleagues here I have learned about the experiential learning approach to teaching English and how to integrate it into the learning process of the students along with academic skills.”

Norah Alkhunaini, Saudi Student

“During the nine months that I was at INTERLINK, my English skills improved more than I could have expected. It was a valuable experience, not just because I improved my English, but also because I learned about different cultures and made new friends.” 

Linda Lambert, US Instructor

“The enthusiasm of the students to learn and the professional capabilities of the INTERLINK staff multiply the positive experience of the process for the remarkable growth of all involved.”

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