May 19, 2020

Agent Resources

Working as an INTERLINK Agent

INTERLINK International Institutes works in partnership with a worldwide network of agents and global partners. Together we recruit international students and professionals in need of English training, academic preparation, cross-cultural orientation, and professional development. 

Since it’s inception in 1980, INTERLINK has trained thousands of students and developed a unique, project-based, experiential curriculum, inspired by learning theories, research, and practical applications. We are known for our innovative approaches and culturally enriching learning environments.  We offer remote (online) classes as well as in-person classes at institutes located on the campuses of US universities: SPU, MSU, UNCG.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering, please contact INTERLINK at

An INTERLINK Agent’s Role

INTERLINK enrolls students from all over the world. Many come to us through agents since agents play a pivotal role in preparing students for study abroad. Agent responsibilities include: 

  • explaining the program to prospective students, pointing out the pros and cons of attending a particular program or campus
  • communicating student needs and questions to INTERLINK 
  • assisting with application submission
  • explaining to students and supporting them through the visa procurement process

We look for agents that share our commitment to finding the right program fit for students.

INTERLINK follows the NAFSA ethical guidelines when working with agents and expects recruitment partners to do the same. Every INTERLINK agent must sign an agreement that holds each party to these guidelines.

Conditional Admission and American Consortium of Universities

As a member of the American Consortium of Universities (ACU), INTERLINK works closely with the member universities in the selection, placement, and academic preparation of international students. In most cases, these universities grant conditional admission to academically qualified students who need further English language study to qualify for regular admission. Further, TOEFL and IELTS test requirements are waived when students successfully complete the INTERLINK program.

Custom Group Programs

In addition to regularly providing quality English language training, academic preparation, cross-cultural orientation, and professional development opportunities, INTERLINK offers various institutions tailored programs, including teacher training and short-term English for Special Purposes.

Agents interested in customized group programs may contact INTERLINK at

Resources for Agents

“My passage through INTERLINK Language Centers has been a rich and unforgettable experience…I would like to thank the teaching staff of INTERLINK for the exceptional training and the preparation that we received for the university world.”

Florien Mbaku
Democratic Republic of Congo
“Without having enrolled in the INTERLINK program, I would not be able to return to Spain to teach English…This is a very important step in my career and professional development. I hope many more students can enjoy the experience I had.”

“At INTERLINK, I developed many English skills with the help of great teachers. The materials and activities they used made learning fun…I am a marketing professor now, and INTERLINK did a great job of helping me prepare for work in the U.S. I would recommend the program as a first step for people who want to pursue their goals in the U.S.”

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