February 21, 2014


The distinctive features of INTERLINK’s online and in-person programs help students develop language, analytical, critical thinking, and cross-cultural skills. 

Program Focus

• Intensive English
• Academic preparation
• Cross-cultural orientation
• Assistance with university placement
• Tailored group trainings for students, teachers, and executives


Professional and Academic Skills

• Communicate and interact with professionals across cultures
• Give academic and professional presentations
• Understand university textbooks and lectures
• Write research papers in the U.S. academic style


A Dynamic Learning Environment

• Academically qualified, serious students
• Small classes with a maximum of 12-15 students
• Project-based (not text-driven) curriculum focused on independent learning
• Continuous student assessment based on linguistic performance, class participation, daily preparation, and out-of-class, independent work


The U.S. University Experience

• Concurrent university courses for qualified students
• Assistance with conditional admission for qualified students at selected universities
• TOEFL and IELTS waiver at selected universities for students who complete INTERLINK
• Access to all university facilities and activities


Continuous Support on Your Journey 

• Highly experienced and caring faculty with MA or PhD degrees
• Academic advising and university placement assistance
• Assistance with housing and host families

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